Dignified People known to me

These are people who come next to my father

அமரர் திருமதி கனகம்மா பேரம்பலம் அவர்கள்


My mother in law Mrs. Kanagamma Perampalam. passed away on 11.09.2010. She is a fine example of old time ladies of social status who upheld it without fear or fare come whatever the situation. Having had acres of inherited lands from Sarasalai, Kodikamam and up to kandavalai Paranthan in the Jaffna peninsula, she was humble and virtuous as anyone could be. Having got married to no less a landed proprietor Mr. Perampalam of indisputable status, she led pious life sustaining the traditions and culture typical of the Jaffna Tamil. Though she had people, generation wise loyal to her who have done cultivation in her lands, her life has been a lamp inside pot and devoted completely for her children.

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