Duraisingam Shadadcharan


Mr. Duraisingam Shadadcharan is a person who was in a fatherly position to me. Tharmakaththaa of Sivachchandra Mouleesar Saanthanayaki Amman temple Madduvil kaluvam (madduvil Sivan Temple) and former Labour officer. A straight forward who upheld his traditions, customs and practices without fear or panic of the consequences.

His house is the Naarchar type found at the edge of Navali that sustain the culture as he himself.

My contribution to the souvenir distributed at his 30th day rites:
Never it occurred to me you’d be around no more
On any position or situation it was a great boon to me with you around

Over the horizon you stood a mountain of resource
Name any problem that concerns your family, land or livelihood resource
Ever dependable Shadadcharan Aiya was a counselor, Lawyer and Protector in one.

To him I may have been one in many
Over a third of my life he has been many in one to me.

Equally unmatched was his generousness as were his words and actions
Quick to the rescue for any s.o.s.
Unique were his relief measures
Anything only flows down from him to us
Lively were his ways we felt never the mere pawns we were with him

Old outmoded and even obsolete things
Remain afresh in his memory as recent ones

Entrances to quarrels he always avoided
Xiphoid were his counter actions that cropped up still
Control of any situation under him was par-excellence
Effective but affecting none were his decisions and actions
Limitless are the people who benefitted by just his association

Young in Nature even at his ripe old age
Old in wisdom right from his young vibrant age
Unsurpassed stands Mr. Shadadcharan in our times

Rtd teacher
Vavuniya Hindu college

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  1. Good to know about this great personality. I will definitely visit this temple on my next trip to Jaffna in late october or may be earlier

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