Here are 15 quotes of Chanakya

Importance of determination

Even if the destination or the desired object be far away or difficult to achieve one can reach it or get it if one is determined. Nothing is impossible for a determined person.

Don’t speak ill of others

If you want to overpower the entire world merely by just one action, then put restraint upon your tongue speaking ill of others.

The greatest and the best

No penance is greater than the one done for maintaining peace, no peace is better than the one received from satisfaction, no disease is as more damaging than greed and no Dharma is better than the one having compassion for all.


Be active and flexible to change

He who is aware of the future troubles and who possesses sharp intelligence remains happy. In contradiction to this stage, he who remains inactive, waiting for the good days to come destroys his own life.

Live in the moment

One should not grieve for the past and worry for the future. The wise care for the present and chart their life’s course accordingly.

Accumulate knowledge, goodwill & wealth slowly & steadily

A mere trickle of the tiny drops of water can fill the pitcher. The same way we must keep on collecting knowledge, Dharma, and money.


Don’t publicise before achieving

One should never leak out one’s well thought out intentions and determinations which should be jealously guarded like some secret Mantra. The implementation of them should also be achieved without any fan fare and in total secrecy (to ensure their successful accomplishment.)

Learning from the lion: put in 100%

Whether it be big or small, we must do every work with our full capacity and power. This quality we must learn from the lion. (It is believed that the lion never does anything half heartedly. It would kill a rabbit or attack an elephant with its full ferocity.)

Learning from the heron: Focus     (கொக்கு)

Controlling all your senses like the heron and after carefully considering the factors of time and space and the capacity of self, the wise accomplish their work successfully. (The heron has this great capacity to forget everything else to concentrate on its target.)

Learning from the dog

Deriving satisfaction out of a little eating even in the famished condition, being alert despite being deep in slumber, faithfulness and bravery –these qualities ought to be learnt from a dog

Learning from the donkey

The capacity to carry the load despite being bone-tired, being undaunted by the vagaries of weather and getting satisfied in all the conditions – these three qualities are to be learnt from the donkey.


Chanakya Sutras:

Importance of planning & prioritisation

Do the work which is more fruitful if you need to do many assignments.

Think about the assignments of a day during the end of night i.e at dawn.


Importance of being open minded

A proud king should shed his pride during difficulty; and must find out the solution using unbiased ideas.


A person who is capable of listening and thinking highly should be made a minister by the king.


One should not be stubborn during counseling/discussion.


Learn from other’s experience, your life is too short to experience everything yourself

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