Niroshan Srideva

Niroshan Srideva is a dignified person whom I came to know about. I consider him dignified because of his outlook in life and the way he lived.

Son of a long time friend Dr.Srideva Chanmugam he stands as an example of old time elites, who strove incessantly with their books to prominence in the society and a typical youngster affected by the civil prolonged militancy of his period.

He was a final year medical student at Sri Jeyawardenapura Medical faculty when he was killed and the assailants were never apprehended by the Police or the C.I.D. (Crime Investigation department).

As a student he was Par – excellent from kinder garden to the Advance Level and obtained admission to Medical faculty on his merits.

He exhibited pious qualities and was chosen by Temple priests in various places including Kathiragama, famous Murugan Temple South of Sri Lanka for special Tharshans.

In his period there was much following for Sathiya Sai Baba. There were Bajan centres spread throughout Sri Lanka and people regarded it holy to go on Pilgrimage to Putaparthi and have Tharshan of Sai baba. When he went there Niroshan was chosen by Bagavan Shri Sathiya Sai Baba for special nearness.

He remained a Sai devotee to the end composing prayers and hymns in praise of him. With Sai Baba’s inducement he was involved in selfless service to the society with love and affection.

His killers target had actually been his father Dr. Srideva who was wounded in the encounter but the son got killed when he intervened to protect the father. He had premonition of the event and seems to have commented about it which the father recognized only after his death.

His life is typical of a Tamil youth of the period and special enough to be unique.