OFERR is an NGO for displaced Tamils of Srilanka, originally formed for those who came from Srilanka to Tamil nadu either in boats or by flight and sought refuge. It was founded and formed by Mr. Chandrahasan s/o Thanthai Selva (late S.J.V. Chelvanayagam). The expansion of OFERR is Organization For Eelam Refugee Rehabilitation. It is an NGO of the, for the and by the displaced Srilankan Tamils,

This poetry was composed in 1995 after conversation with some refugees and my personal experience.
People have heard of and benefited from international NGOs like UNHCR, UNECO and the like in their homeland when they left. OFERR was an exclusive one at that time catering only displaced Tamil refugees. From outside for those who had experiences with UN, NGOs it might have looked like a small organization but once you are a Tamil refugee in India, its image out does other organizations.

I am nobody but
You are somebody who thinks
I am somebody and
The only one to think so
You consider me your kin
And kin I am, causes
Your concern and anxiety to think
When you hear cries of pain
In my call for aid
Which I make now and again
In desperation I cannot hide
You are on my side
Time and again
You may be small
Many here may not make you out well
But for me you look tall
In your love and service to all
You are a humanitarian project
That knows its subjects
And renders a helping hand
To the hapless on a foreign sand