Excel our Diaspora

Excel our Diaspora!
ஓயுதல் செய்யோம், தலை சாயுதல் செய்யோம்
உண்மைகள் சொல்வோம், பல வண்மைகள் செய்வோம்
நீதி நெறி நின்று பிறர்க்குதவும்,
நேர்மையர் என்று பெயர் எடுப்போம்
கட்டுப்பாட்டுடன் நடந்து கண்ணியம் காப்போம்
செல்லும் இடமெங்கும் துலங்கவே
பரப்புவோம் நல்லெண்ணமே

Oyuthal Seiyom— We will persevere without taking things for lost. We may be stripped of our belongings, our dwelling place, wealth, and sometimes even loss of loved ones. But we will live and continue to come up energetically.
Thalai saiyuthal Seiyom — will not bow our heads – ie will not accept defeat which may come to us temporarily. Ups and downs are cyclic. We could be down by circumstances but keep our shoulders and head erect to come up again. (மலையே வந்தாலும் தலையேதான் தாங்க வேணும்)
Unmaikal Solvom — we will tell the truth — ie uphold Sathiya
Pala Vanmaikal Seivom — vanmaikal is Vallamaikal—ie We will achieve – do great things
Neethi Neri Ninru Pirarkuthavum Nermaiyar Enru Peyareduppom – We will establish ourselves as one people who stand by justice in helping others. ie We’ll help others but in that process be assisted by our sense of just and reason.
Kattuppaddudan Nadanthu Kanniyam Kaappom — There will be discipline in our behaviour, with decency preserved. ie We’ll be polite and well behaved.
Sellum Idamengum thulangavE– To brighten the place wherever we dwell
Parapuvom nalleNnamE – We will spread good will. ie Our honest and good intentions be let known by our actions irrespective of where we are.